My Andrews app

Try our My Andrews app

Chilling on a beach. Daydreaming in bed. Riding the bus to work. Manage the sale or let of your home and accept or reject viewings and offers - wherever, whenever. 

Available now on iOS and Android

Selling and letting made easy

We'd like to say you don't need to lift a finger, but that's all you need to do. A few taps and you can do all this:

  • Get instant alerts of new offers and viewing requests
  • Accept or reject offers and viewings right away - no need for emails or calls
  • View all your offers and viewings in a timeline
  • Sync your appointments with your calendars so your life is in one place
  • Enjoy just one log-in even if you have more than one property
  • See who's viewed your home and what they thought, and add feedback
  • View all offers and where they've come from (Market Ready buyers, Open View events, people who've previously offered) or if there are conditions
  • Keep trakc of everything we've done to market your home and see the results in a simple timeline

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