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Want to know the value of your property in just a few clicks? Tell us a bit of information about your property and our online wizard will give you an estimate for how much it may sell or let for in just a few minutes. It’s as simple as that.
Or if you’re after a more in depth, detailed valuation then complete our expert valuation form and an adviser will be in touch to arrange a full property valuation.

Why Andrews?

Our local agents value over 9,500* homes each year. Our experience, unrivalled local knowledge and personal service means you'll also have the support you need throughout your property journey.
From valuation through to sale, we will give you the tools to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Can I move at the moment?

Now is a great time to move home to take advantage of the increased buyer demand. 
We’re following government advice and at the moment we’re able to provide you with a virtual valuation, and subsequent virtual viewings on your property. Or we can provide visit your property following our Covid secure guidelines.
*Number Based on Andrews internal Sales, lettings and Financial services for 2020 Jan - Dec

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Book an appointment for an experienced Andrews agent to conduct a full valuation.
Our advisers will provide a detailed market appraisal, tailored to you and your property

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Expert advice to help you find the right mortgage for you.
With access to over 90 mortgage lenders, we have access the whole market and will ensure that we find you the right mortgage for you.

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Experts in selling homes for 75 years


Each year out Local agents value over 9,500 homes*


In 2020 Over 1600 applicants each week looking to buy and rent*


In 2020 1000 sales viewings were undertaken each week*

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