Making an offer

Get Market Ready

  • Ready. If your offer is dependent on the sale of another property, it should be on the market now. If not, we can arrange to value it for you.
  • Willing. You need to instruct a solicitor so you’re legally prepared and ready to move. If you have not done so, we can arrange a quote through our Homemover service.
  • Able. You should have your finances in place so that you are able to prove you can afford to buy the property. Our Mortgage advisers can help.

Make an offer

If you want this property, you will need to ask us to make the offer for you.

Before we put the offer forward to our client we will ask you how you intend to fund the purchase and you will be asked to provide evidence of this. This can be a mortgage agreement in principle or copy of a bank statement.We will ask you if this offer is dependent on the sale of another property and we will ask for details of this.

Putting an offer forward

  • We will put your offer forward to our client verbally within 24 hours – and will follow this up in writing. You will receive a copy of this.
  • We will advise our client whether or not you are Market Ready in order for them to make an informed decision.
  • We will advise you of the outcome of your offer once we have spoken to our client.

Some things to bear in mind

  • We’ll always try to get the best price for the property seller as they’re our client.
  • And, because you’re one of the first people to view this property, the seller is less likely to accept an offer lower than the asking price. ​​​​​
  • We’ll treat all property buyers fairly and will put all offers forward, but bear in mind Market Ready buyers are usually more attractive to the seller.
  • If a seller has set a low price for a quick sale, they’re unlikely to be flexible on the final selling price.