Double protection, secured with flatfair

With up to 10 weeks’ protection and speedy cost recovery for tenant slip-ups, flatfair’s No Deposit solution means you and your rental can rest easy.

Here are the benefits of choosing flatfair’s No Deposit solution:

Market-leading protection

You get up to 10 weeks’ protection.

NB - you are, of course, protected for the entire tenancy with Flatfair. At the end of the tenancy, with a traditional deposit you only have 5 weeks’ worth of rent in monetary terms. So if the rent is £1000 per month, you would have a deposit of £1153 with which you could claim on for rent arrears or dilapidations of the property. With Flatfair, you have 10 weeks’ worth of rent as protection at the end, so (on a rent of £1000 pcm) you would have £2307 at the end of the tenancy to claim for arrears or dilapidations of the property.

Speedy charge recovery

If there are any damages or unpaid rent, you’re put back in pocket within 10 days of charges being agreed, subject to acceptance of the claim by the Tenant, or if the Tenant does not dispute the claim.

Quicker lets, fewer voids

On average, properties advertised with Flatfair attract up to 26% more views, and are 24% less likely to be subject to price reductions to secure a Tenant.

Top notch support

Our branch staff are on hand for any questions and are there to support you whenever you need them.

*Unpaid established charges up to a total value of 10 weeks’ rent (though never more than 5 weeks’ rent arrears).

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