How to become a student landlord

There are many properties that lend themselves to student properties, not just because of location, but because of things such as equally sized bedrooms. Letting to students can be a very savvy business choice and generate further revenue, but there are certain differences that landlords needs to be aware of between the needs of professionals and students.

The timelines for students are slightly different, and the student property market works in annual cycles. Properties need to be marketed in January for tenants to start the following summer.

Legislation and references sometimes concern landlords when it comes to student properties. But there is no need to let that put you off! Andrews’ expert student specialists are aware of all the specific legislation and will work with you to ensure everything is in order. We will also take care of all the referencing for you, do the right to rent checks and arrange for parents to stand as guarantors if necessary.

If you are interested in letting a property to students, contact your local Andrews branch now.