Top tips for viewing a property

When viewing a property it’s important to remember to ask lots of questions, as much as it’s important to take in the feel for the property it’s also a great opportunity to find out a lot more about the property.

How long has the property been on the market?

This may help you to understand a bit more about the property. If it’s been on the market a while then it may be worth discussing why with the agent, there may be a number of reasons why it hasn’t sold yet, from it’s a unique property, it was marketed too high or there have been problems further down the line previously.

How long have they lived in the property?

You may be interested to know if they’ve lived in the property ten years or ten months as if they’re moving after not living there for very long you may want to dig more into why. And if they have lived there for a long time it’s nice to know that it the property and location has made a nice home for all those years.

Why are they selling?

Similar to how long they’ve lived in the property it may be useful to know why they’re selling. Are they relocating to a different city or have they had enough of the neighbours? The majority of people move to either downsize or upsize. It’s also interesting to know as it will help you to understand the seller’s intentions, if they’re planning on moving up the road to a similar property then maybe they might not be under a tight timescale, however if they’re relocating to another city to start a new job then they may be open to more negotiation and getting the ball rolling quicker.

Is there a chain?

Understanding if there is a chain or how long the chain is can also help you to understand how long the process may be from offer to completion. The shorter the chain the more likely you’ll be able to move quicker, and the longer the chain the more at risk you are of the chain breaking up and buyers pulling out. Knowing what you may be getting into before you place an offer will be able to help you weigh up your options.

When was the last time any renovations were completed?

You may be able to see, or already know, when the property last had any work doing to it however it’s always important to ask for more detail to understand when the when and who undertook the work.

It’s also important to know when appliances like the boiler and radiators were also last replaced and serviced so you’re not faced with a surprise bill within a few months of moving in.

How much might bills come to?

Understanding how much council tax costs and having a rough estimate of gas, electric and water bills will also help you when working out your finances and budgeting for your mortgage. If you are a first time buyer then it may be really useful to get an understanding of these extra costs. Also consider asking if there are any added costs like parking permits and service charges.

Our agents are here to help you find your next property and are here to help you to answer any questions you may have about the buying process or about a specific property. Find your local branch, and hopefully your next home, here.