What to expect from an online Mortgage and protection appointment

As part of getting a mortgage, you’ll need to have a detailed interview. But don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds. The interview will help establish what you can afford without stretching yourself and make sure you get the right deal across thousands of products and hundreds of lenders available. After all, buying a property is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.

In order to reduce the need for face to face physical appointments our Mortgage Advisers and Protection Specialists are providing full online appointments. If you’re wondering what to expect then take a read to find out what the appointment includes.

Before your appointment you will be invited to join our Personal Finance Portal, where you can get started by inputting some of your personal information and create your profile to make the most of your time with our adviser.  You’ll also be able to use to this to send us your documents securely which you will need as part of the appointment process. Find out what documents you’ll need to provide in advance of your appointment, to make sure you’re organised.

Just like a physical appointment our adviser will spend time focusing solely on you and your situation. They’ll get to know you and your personal situation to make sure that they’re able to offer you the correct advice. At the start of the call the adviser will explain the purpose of the call and what to expect, and importantly what you want to achieve from the call.

We’ll explain the different services that we offer and go into more detail about these to make sure you understand them. During the call we will need to obtain some personal information, don’t worry this will remain confidential and will only be used for an application or decision in principal.

We will then move on to what we call a ‘fact-find’, this is where we will discuss your needs, aims and views. Again, we will document the information we receive as it will be used to make our recommendations.

We will also run through the costs of moving, this doesn’t just include your mortgage but also looks at moving costs and solicitor costs.

We will then take you through our recommendations and give you an indication of how much you could borrow and monthly repayments. Finally, we will agree a follow up appointment, if that is what you wish. We’ll also let you know if there are any more documents that you’ll need to supply at the next appointment in order to proceed.

As you can see an online mortgage appointment really isn’t that different to face-to-face! If you do have any concerns or questions before your appointment then be sure to contact the mortgage team who will be able to go through these before your appointment.

Although we do not charge for our advice we do normally charge a fee for processing your mortgage application. However, during these uncertain times we have decided to waive our normal fee to process remortgages and offer this service free of charge.* We are also removing our mortgage application processing fee* for all Key Workers, to show our thanks for all the hard work they are doing. For more information on this offer see here.


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