What to do after viewing a property

If you see a property you want to buy, you need to put in an offer to the seller's estate agent. But seller's decisions aren't just based on price.

Sometimes they go for an offer from the buyer who is ready to proceed quickly and smoothly. You should put yourself in the best possible position before you make the offer by:

  • Applying for your mortgage and obtaining a mortgage Agreement in Principle
  • Appointing a solicitor – it shouldn’t cost you any more to appoint them at an early stage, and may save you both time and money.

At Andrews, you can make an offer by popping into the branch, over the phone or even online through your myandrews account.

Making an offer

  • You really should not proceed beyond this stage without establishing how you are going to pay for a property. If this depends on you selling another property, then you should have your property on the market by now.
  • If you need a mortgage to purchase a property, you should have already made preliminary arrangements to get one, by talking to a financial adviser, bank or building society.
  • The estate agent will ask you for evidence of how you intend to pay for the property.
  • It is essential that you are as truthful as possible at this stage to enable the agent to put your offer to the seller in the best possible light. When making your offer, make it clear to the estate agent whether or not this offer has conditions attached to it such as extras that may not be included in the original sale price, for example carpets and curtains.