Payment Fraud

Email payment fraud is a growing form of cime as criminals intercept payment details that are sent in emails. 

You should never send your bank details to us in an email and we will never ask you to do so. Similarly, we will never send you a last minute email giving you revised payment details. 

If you do receive an email that appears to be from us please telephone our offices to confirm that it is a genuine email.

If you need to give us payment details over the phone, always make the phone call yourself to our office using our official number and ensure that you can verify who you speak to. Branch telephone numbers can be found on our branch finder page

We will never:

  • Email or text you a link to an online payment page
  • Email or text you asking to verify your account or security details
  • Email, text or call you to ask for your card details, PIN or password

Fraudsters try to appear as legitimate as possible so it's important to be aware. They may try to use a fake email address or may phone you claiming to be from our office.

Please always phone the branch directly yourself to confirm.