Do the same things matter to landlords and tenants?

If you’re a landlord then you might think you know what matters most to your tenant and what is most important to them when marketing your property to rent, however it might be time to think again.

At the top of the list is the quality of photographs, for both landlords and tenants. 97% of landlords said that this matters significantly compared to 95% of tenants. Next on the list is the description with the same amount of landlords saying that this was also important to them, compared to 94% of tenants.

There’s then a bit of a drop for landlords as only 88% said that the number of photos was important, whereas this is still really important to 94% of tenants. Floorplans is another piece of information that is important to both 87% of landlords and tenants and 80% of landlords and tenants said that a map and street view was important too.

Running costs and broadband speeds however present the biggest gap between tenants and landlords. Only 67% of landlords see running costs as important information to include in the marketing material for a rental property, whereas 87% of tenants think that this is important to include.

Similarly just over half (57%) of landlords think information about broadband speed matters whereas 79% of tenants think this is important.

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Sources: Dataloft and Property Academy.

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