Top tips to let your property fast

Need your property tenanted super-fast? Be smart and read my top 5 tips to speedily let any property below;

  • Clutter – Too much ‘stuff’ at the property won’t help tenants visualise themselves living at the property during a viewing or from the online photographs. Therefore, keeping items provided to a minimum is an absolute must. Furthermore, tenants don’t move in to a property expecting things like kitchen utensils or cushions and apart from the fact that these can get damaged or easily lost, they don’t make the tenant feel like they are moving into their own home, more like they are temporarily borrowing yours. Keep the property clutter free, and it will entice offers.
  • Décor – consider that a tenant is not going to be able to drastically change a property like a purchaser would. Yet they will still want to feel like its their home. Make sure you have removed any different tastes and decorate the property in neutral colours throughout. This means your tenants will find it easier to visualise living there and where their furniture will go.
  • Professional photos - always ensure you have professional photography of all the aspects of the properties you want to a tenant to see. Letting agents should ensure their staff are trained to take attractive photographs of the exterior and interior rooms and display several on their website and all portals. We know all the best angles to show off and to highlight features we know tenants will like. If you are not happy with the photos of your property, feel confident asking for new ones.
  • Think about allowing pets - A recent Propertymark survey conducted stated 84% of agents experienced tenants having pets in their properties without permission. The government recently pledged to make it easier for tenants to have pets in their homes as they believe this leads to longer happier tenancies. However, many property adverts still currently state no pets. Rather than a tenant trying to move a pet in without you knowing later on in the tenancy, why not use this as a way to attract tenants. This won’t work for all properties but clearly stating your property allows pets will mean it will stand out from the crowd AND ultimately as long-term rental income is what you want, this could mean your tenant is likely to stay for longer.
  • Price – lastly, an obvious one but if you get the right rental price advertised to begin with, the property will let much faster. Ensure you have a market appraisal from a qualified, competent agent who will have a keen grasp on the local lettings market, and will know how to price it to let it swiftly. If it’s not letting, try to consider why? Is there a glut of the same size and type of property available at the moment in that locality? If there is, chances are the lowest rent will let first. Nobody wants to be the cheapest, but ensuring your rent is priced competitively against similar properties will means a swifter let will be achieved.

If you’re a landlord who’s interested in incoming rental reform, check out my recent blog on the bill as it stands HERE.

Angharad Trueman – Group Lettings Director, Andrews Property Group and Vice President, ARLA Propertymark

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