Beat the festive rush

Why listing your home before Boxing Day is the key to a swift sale.

As Christmas approaches, so does the number of people in search of a new home. Every year, Boxing Day marks the beginning of this house-hunting dash, with millions kicking off their search. However, if you're contemplating putting your property on the market, here's a compelling reason to act before the festive chaos begins.

Beat the festive rush and get your house on the market before Boxing Day to take advantage of the many buyers starting their search before the New Year. According to Rightmove, one of the UK's leading property websites, last year witnessed a staggering 46% increase in houses being listed on Boxing Day alone. The demand for property valuations also experienced a notable uptick, with a 29% increase in requests during the week following Christmas. This surge coincided with a 20% rise in online property views on Rightmove, as individuals began planning for a fresh start with a New Year, new home on the horizon.

Interested in getting your property on the market?

The statistics show that Boxing Day is not just for festive leftovers and holiday relaxation; it's a strategic window of opportunity for those looking to sell their homes. Seizing this moment can lead to increased visibility and engagement with potential buyers, setting you up for a swift and successful sale.

In the world of real estate, it seems there's a real case of "Claus and effect" at play. To stay ahead of the curve, contact your local Andrews branch today. Our dedicated team can help you navigate the intricacies of listing your property, ensuring that you kick off the New Year on a high note with a successful property transaction.

Whether you're a seasoned seller or a first-time homeowner, the benefits of putting your property on the market before Boxing Day are clear. By doing so, you give yourself the best opportunity to capture the attention of eager homebuyers who are actively searching for their dream homes ahead of the New Year. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity; act now and make your home the star of the Boxing Day property show.

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