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Explore Lettings in Clifton | Meet Lettings Business Manager Stuart Roper

We took a look at Clifton's vibrant property market with Stuart Roper, our seasoned  Lettings Business Manager to discover what makes Clifton an exceptional destination for tenants and landlords alike.

With over a decade of experience in the Bristol Property Sector and 12 years specialising in lettings, Stuart is at the helm of our Clifton hub. Recently transitioning to a customer-led model, focusing on prioritising the customer experience. Stuart oversees a team of six customer-facing lettings specialists and three property management professionals covering a broad area in South, Central, and West Bristol, including popular neighbourhoods like Bedminster, Southville, Clifton, and more.

Clifton Team

Clifton - A Snapshot of the Lettings Market:

Clifton, situated in Bristol, showcases a captivating blend of Georgian townhouses, stylish apartments, and charming terraces. The area's desirability is driven by its proximity to the city centre, renowned educational institutions, and the beauty of Clifton Downs. The rental properties in Clifton range from those with period details to modern amenities, often located near the lively Whiteladies Road. The competitive market reflects a community seamlessly blending historical charm with contemporary living, making Clifton a sought-after destination for a sophisticated lifestyle.

Bristol Harbourside - Waterfront Living Experience:

The lettings market in Bristol Harbourside offers a dynamic living experience in the heart of the city. With waterfront locations and historic backdrops, Harbourside boasts contemporary apartments and penthouses with panoramic views. The demand is driven by a cosmopolitan lifestyle, cultural attractions, trendy bars, and waterside dining options. Professionals and creatives are drawn to the area's fusion of luxury, convenience, and the charm of waterfront living.

Bishopston - Laid-Back Living:

Bishopston, part of the BS7 area, presents a diverse and thriving lettings market. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, community spirit, and mix of Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses, Bishopston attracts a range of residents seeking a blend of urban living and local charm. Proximity to Gloucester Road adds to the appeal, with independent shops, cafes, and vibrant street art enhancing the neighborhood's character.

Andrews - A Unique Approach:

As the Business Manager of Clifton, Stuart emphasises the personal touch Andrews brings back to the business. The Clifton team’s focus on customer-centric service, long-standing relationships, and being owned by a Charitable Trust sets Andrews apart. Committed to delivering excellence, whether for a first-time tenant or a portfolio landlord across the city.

Join us on this exciting journey in 2024 as we continue to grow and deliver the standards our customers deserve. Contact us to explore the Clifton property market and find your ideal rental property.

If you want to find out more about available rental properties in the Clifton and surrounding areas, please contact Stuart and the team on 0117 973 2551 or visit us in branch at 158 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, BS8 2XZ

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