Andrews partnership with flatfair

We are incredibly excited to announce our latest partnership with flatfair. Flatfair No Deposit offers landlords up to 10 weeks’ protection, whilst reducing move-in costs for tenants. And you don’t pay a penny.

Combatting issues in the rental industry

By adopting the latest rental solution, flatfair Deposits, we are also providing customers with a solution to one of the major issues in the rental industry, the persistent rising costs of living.

With flatfair Deposits, we will be able to offer our customers both traditional deposits and flatfair’s No Deposit solution across all of our branches. This means that you, our customers are always presented with the choice of a traditional deposit or flatfair No Deposit. This also provides an invaluable choice for thousands of tenants to save on upfront move-in costs while doubling their landlord's protection for up to 10 weeks.

As a landlord you are of course protected for the entire tenancy with flatfair. The main difference being, at the end of the tenancy, with a traditional deposit you only have 5 weeks’ worth of rent in monetary terms. So if the rent is £1000 per month, you would have a deposit of £1153 with which you could claim on for rent arrears or dilapidations of the property. With flatfair, you have 10 weeks’ worth of rent as protection at the end, so (on a rent of £1000 pcm) you would have £2307 at the end of the tenancy to claim for arrears or dilapidations of the property.

Our Group Lettings Director, and President Elect of ARLA Propertymark, Angharad Trueman spoke highly of Flatfair Deposits and the importance of offering No Deposit to the Andrews customers:

“We are excited to embark on this journey with flatfair and offer this as an alternative to our fantastic landlords and tenants across the group.

The uncertain economic times we are living in mean it’s more important than ever that landlords can receive 10 weeks protection on their rental property, but that we also provide a choice to renters. For a tenant, utilising flatfair means the ability to move without having to find the money for a 5-week deposit upfront when they still have a 5-week deposit locked away from their previous home.

This aligns well with our strategic aim of becoming the most trusted and admired in the property sector, providing our landlords with more protection and enabling tenants to access housing faster.”

Flatfair CEO Gary Wright was equally thrilled to be partnering with a prestigious agency in the UK housing market:

“We are absolutely delighted Andrews has chosen flatfair’s No Deposit to provide their landlords with market leading protection and their tenants an important choice on how they protect their property. Andrews’ success in the rental industry is unquestionable, with very few rivalling their experience and reach and we are all very excited to be working with the Andrews team.

If you are a landlord or a tenant and interested in some more information, get in touch with your local branch or find out more information via these links. 

More information for landlords

More information for tenants



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