Establishing Hope: A commitment to providing quality affordable housing for vulnerable youth

In 2016, Establish was born as a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Andrews, embodying the spirit of its philanthropic founder, Cecil Jackson-Cole. This initiative represents a unique collaboration between charity and business. The primary focus is on offering high-quality, affordable housing to young people who have been vulnerable to homelessness as they navigate the challenges many face on their path towards independent adulthood.

The core purpose of Establish is clear and resolute: to provide good quality housing for young individuals have been under the threat of homelessness. The project aims to nurture the development of its tenants with the support of local youth support charities. Establish partners with these organisations to ensure that young people receive the necessary guidance and resources to foster their growth.

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The crucial collaboration that has made this happen is between Andrews Charitable Trust and the property group that they own, Andrews Property Group, a partnership that facilitates the identification, acquisition, and housing management of suitable Establish properties.

Andrews Property Group not only aids in finding appropriate homes but also manages all the property leases. The partnership extends beyond mere business transactions, as the group encourages its staff to actively engage in volunteering, either as mentors or by assisting young individuals in securing employment opportunities through CV writing, interviews skills etc

A Growing Impact: Present and Future

Presently, Establish consists of 10 units, providing homes for 21 young people aged between 18-25. The ambitious goal is to extend this impact by purchasing 50 homes in 50 years that will accommodate 150 young people at any one time. The emphasis is on ensuring that each property becomes a haven of support and encouragement for its residents as they move into adult life.

The strategic placement of houses near Andrews branch offices is intentional. This proximity enables maximum involvement and support from all staff members, fostering a sense of community and connectivity that goes beyond just accommodation.

Establish strives to create an environment where young people not only find a place to live but also a network of support that empowers them to overcome challenges and thrive.

The Path to Independence: A Collaborative Effort

The process of securing a house through Establish is a testament to the power of collaboration. Multiple partners play crucial roles in this journey, and Establish is profoundly grateful for their contributions. By working together, Establish aims to offer safe, welcoming, and eco-friendly housing at an affordable cost.

As Establish continues to evolve and expand its reach, it remains dedicated to upholding the values it’s founded on. The combination of business and charitable spirit creates a model that not only addresses the immediate need for housing but also invests in the long-term success and well-being of the young people it serves. In doing so, Establish stands as a testament to the impact that collaboration between charity and business can have on the lives of those in need.

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