Working from home: how has your home changed?

In 2019 only 5% of the workforce in the UK worked mainly from home and less than 30% had even tried it. Due to the lockdown and the encouragement to work from home this is likely to have increased dramatically.

This lifestyle change has also had an effect on what people are buying. In March computer monitor purchase increased 172%, office chairs were up 104% and office desks up 89% as people looked to get all set up  to work from home.

Unsurprisingly technology companies have also seen a huge increase in demand. Zoom hosted 200 million meetings a day in March compared to just 10 million in December 2019, it’s also likely that this figure increased throughout April.

But how will working from home change what people look for in a home? Well, if working from home does become the new normal then house hunters may change their priorities. The importance of a spare bedroom or home office may just become more important than a bigger living space or garden.

However, people also seem to be thinking outside the norm as Google trends show a 190% jump in interest for Garden Pods in April. We’ve keeping our eyes peeled to see what becomes the next home must have.

If you are looking for some more space at home then speak with one of our local experts to see how they can help you get moving during these unique times.

Sources: Dataloft, ONS, Stackline, Zoopla, BusinessofApps

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