Summer rental property advice

During the summer months, there are a few things it is worth keeping an eye out for on your rental property. 

Pests -as the temperature heats up, its really important your tenants are aware of the increased risk of pests, particularly rodents and insects in the property and garden. Along with being a distressing problem, it’s also often difficult to determine who is responsible for resolving the issue. From a landlord’s perspective, it’s important that essential repairs are undertaken which could be providing access for pests, an example would be repairing floor boards, or broken pipes. Your tenants should also be reminded that leaving food out and not managing their bins effectively can also encourage pests.

Bins – they can often become unsightly and smelly in hot weather. This encourages complaints to the local council and could be a hazard not just for your tenants but the general public too. To prevent this, it is crucial for landlords to provide their tenants with appropriate facilities for storing and disposing of waste, in compliance with the local council laws. 

As a landlord, you must also make sure that the property has the correct number of bins for the number of people living there, that there’s enough space for the bins, and that your tenants use the recycling rubbish collections properly.   Reminding tenants of their obligations to adequately manage their bins is very important.

Temperature – UK properties are generally not built to handle the extreme temperatures we’ve experienced in recent summers. These hot summers can scorch gardens, cause cracks in walls and lead to significant property damage. Therefore, summer presents an ideal opportunity to conduct your property inspections and take note of any property maintenance tasks.  Furthermore, as a landlord you are obligated to provide a property that is not too cold during winter but also not too hot during summer. This means ensuring your tenants can ventilate all areas of their homes and that windows can be safely left open.

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Keep on top of gardening – weeds and all plants can quickly grow out of hand during the summer months if left unchecked, this can often become costly for a landlord to get back into a tidy condition. This further highlights the need for regular inspections and reminding your tenants of their obligations. Furthermore, recent changes to the law allows homeowners to pursue legal action against their neighbours who have allowed Japanese Knotweed to grow onto their land, this means it’s essential to stay vigilant and address all weed issues promptly. 

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 Be aware that wooden decking at a property can fall into disrepair and break during hot temperatures, its crucial to regularly maintain this to ensure your tenants safety.

To ensure your tenants maintain their garden, it’s important that landlords include a clause in your tenancy agreement explaining who is responsible for garden maintenance, and that adequate tools (such as a lawn mower) are provided to your tenants in order for them to conduct this.


Lastly, Flash flooding – We’ve all been at a sunny UK barbeque that has quickly turned into a dramatic downpour. Make sure the gutters and downspouts at your property are clear of debris so rain water can flow freely. This'll help to prevent flooding at your property and subsequent property damage.

Angharad Trueman – Group Lettings Director, Andrews Property Group and President Elect, Propertymark.

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